Kinsta Review

kinstaKinsta offers cloud-based managed WordPress hosting plans that excel in server performance and optimization, surpassing any competition. While the user-friendliness is satisfactory, the pricing can be somewhat prohibitive.

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Kinsta: Features

Kinsta places great importance on meticulous management, acting as a diligent caretaker for your website. Each plan includes regular website uptime checks, quick resolution in case of hacking incidents, and automated server scaling. Additionally, there is a range of WordPress-specific tools, a comprehensive multi-site management dashboard, and detailed site statistics to enhance the hosting experience. Notably, cPanel is not available as Kinsta specializes in WordPress. The Starter plan offers one website, 10GB SSD storage, and ample bandwidth for around 20,000 monthly visitors. Higher-tier plans accommodate more websites and resources, with a maximum of 20 websites, 400,000 visits, and 50GB of storage. It is worth mentioning that all plans have the same features, eliminating hidden boosts or arbitrary pricing tiers often found in shared hosting services.

Kinsta provides automatic SSL certificates for secure user activity encryption, improving security, compliance, and potentially SEO. Daily backups are performed automatically, and additional backups can be generated on demand, a feature that should be standard across all hosting providers but unfortunately isn’t. Kinsta also offers performance-enhancing caching options to optimize resource-heavy static websites, reducing resource consumption and improving loading speed for visitors.


Kinsta: Global Google Cloud Data Centers (A Boon)

Addressing the need for fast loading times, Kinsta utilizes the cutting-edge Google Cloud Platform for its data centers instead of maintaining proprietary ones or leasing existing facilities. This choice ensures access to the latest and most efficient hardware while offering a wide selection of server locations. With Kinsta’s presence in 24 global data centers, including Zurich, São Paulo, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, and Taiwan, audiences in these regions can experience optimal hosting services.

Kinsta’s Proprietary CDN

In addition to integration with third-party CDNs, Kinsta has its own Content Delivery Network. Built to deliver cached website versions across multiple data centers, Kinsta’s CDN ensures efficient content distribution and maximizes the benefits of multiple server locations.

Auto-Scaling CPU and RAM: Ensuring Seamless High-Traffic Performance

One of the key advantages of a cloud platform is the ability to scale resources automatically to meet increased traffic or project requirements. Kinsta utilizes this capability by adjusting CPU and RAM to accommodate higher traffic without interruptions. The maximum RAM allocation offered by Kinsta exceeds that of competitors, allowing online stores to handle numerous concurrent visitors and generate substantial revenue.

Ease of Use

The sign-up process with Kinsta is swift, and activation is immediate, setting it apart from hosts with lengthy verification procedures. The overall user experience is seamless and enjoyable. Kinsta’s custom control panel is tailored specifically for WordPress users, eliminating the need for a fully-fledged hosting panel that would have limited applicability beyond WordPress. However, configuring domain and DNS settings, especially for users with domains hosted elsewhere, may pose challenges as the process outlined in the provided guide requires trial and error. Automating this configuration process would be beneficial. Once past this hurdle, the user interface, developed by UX/UI experts, provides a delightful experience that caters precisely to user requirements without overwhelming them with unnecessary features.


During several months of testing, I hosted a website on Kinsta to evaluate its performance. With guidance from the support team, the site was optimized to ensure an ideal first impression. Kinsta surpassed all expectations, establishing itself as the epitome of exceptional WordPress hosting. Its performance in various tests was unmatched, outshining competitors. Even though hosts like Liquid Web come close, Kinsta remains unrivaled.

In terms of numbers, the average complete page loading time was an impressive 1.2 seconds, while global loading times averaged 0.631 seconds. The website maintained a flawless 100% uptime over four months. These results are almost unattainable, yet Kinsta achieved them with finesse.

For testing purposes, a comprehensive one-page WordPress site with high-definition images and JavaScript functionality was created. GTmetrix was used to measure page loading times, Sucuri to evaluate international loading times, and UptimeRobot to monitor website uptime.

GTmetrix results showed the fastest loading time at 0.8 seconds, an average of 1.2 seconds, and a slowest time of 1.6 seconds. Meeting the industry benchmark of keeping page loading speed under 2 seconds is crucial, as surpassing this threshold may lead visitors to abandon the site. Sucuri tests the initial loading time across various servers worldwide. The fastest average loading time was an incredibly fast 0.144 seconds, while the overall average was 0.631 seconds. The slowest average loading time settled at 2.033 seconds. Although Sucuri measures only the initial loading time, Kinsta’s global performance was unmatched. UptimeRobot showed a flawless 100% uptime over nearly four months, which deserves recognition.



The pre-sales “chat box” turned out to be a form submission sent via email. While a live chat option would have been preferable, the response time was prompt, and a pre-sales phone call was offered. However, when expressing a preference for chat-based communication, no response was received, ending the interaction unresolved.

Post-registration, the support experience significantly improved. Kinsta provides genuine 24/7 support through live chat and phone, with minimal waiting times and queries often resolved within a minute. Occasionally, there was a minor glitch where replies failed to display, but a simple refresh resolved the issue.

The live chat system conveniently stores previous interactions, allowing seamless continuation of ongoing discussions. This combination of ticket-based support and live chat functionality is ideal. Replies from the support team were consistently courteous, prompt, and displayed exceptional knowledge. In-depth solutions were provided within five minutes. Even when posing intricate WordPress-specific web development queries, the support agents remained attentive and guided through step-by-step solutions. When seeking clarifications on CDN and security tools, detailed explanations and essential aspects were highlighted.

While Kinsta’s support team is highly competent in hosting-related matters, their assistance is limited in extensive website optimization and development. It is important to note that Kinsta primarily focuses on delivering outstanding hosting services, and their servers’ remarkable performance often negates the need for extensive support intervention in optimizing site speed and performance.



Kinsta’s pricing structure positions it as a premium hosting service. Compared to regular shared hosting plans ranging from $1 to $10 per month, Kinsta’s prices are three to thirty times higher. However, the premium pricing reflects the exceptional value offered by the service. Liquid Web is the only other service that comes close in terms of performance, albeit at a slightly lower price point than Kinsta.

Kinsta’s pricing model is transparent, allowing monthly or yearly payments with a slight discount for annual subscriptions. Payments are processed exclusively through credit cards, with no option for PayPal. While additional domain offerings are not available, this showcases Kinsta’s commitment to delivering top-notch hosting services. Kinsta does not employ hidden upsells or charge hidden fees, and all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, the premium price tag remains a notable aspect.

Pros & Cons


    • Unrivaled performance and fast loading speeds
    • Comprehensive managed services for hassle-free hosting
    • WordPress-specific tools and detailed analytics
    • Global server locations and in-house CDN
    • Responsive and knowledgeable support


  • Limited support for extensive website optimization and development


In conclusion, Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting with exceptional performance and optimization, albeit at a premium price. Its meticulous management, comprehensive features, global data centers powered by Google Cloud, proprietary CDN, and auto-scaling capabilities ensure a seamless hosting experience. The ease of use, coupled with outstanding performance in terms of loading speeds and uptime, sets Kinsta apart from its competitors. The support provided is prompt, knowledgeable, and available 24/7, although it may have limitations in extensive website optimization and development. While the pricing may be higher compared to other hosting providers, the value and quality of service offered by Kinsta justify the premium cost. Overall, Kinsta stands as a top choice for those seeking unparalleled WordPress hosting performance, reliable support, and hassle-free management.